You are just a few clicks away from buying Sri Lanka’s No1 Diaper from the Home of Velona Cuddles. All velona cuddles diapers are totally chlorine free (TCF) & it is the only Diaper range in Sri Lanka that is free of harsh chemicals. Our latest certifications include the Australian Toxic Free Certification, & Australian Allergy Certification, making it the safest diaper for your baby’s skin. The Velona Cuddles Diaper Range includes :

* The Velona Cuddles Classic Diaper which is great for any time of day,
* The Slim fit Looney Tunes Diaper with added support for the night
* The Eco Friendly Bamboo Diaper that biodegrades 75% in less than 75 days
* The Ezy Pant ~ which is perfect for very active babies & toddlers
* The Lital Swimmers Swim Diaper which is perfect for the pool
* The Velona Cuddles Hypoallergenic Wet Wipes with 99.6% water

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Hello Baby Diaper Mini Collection

Original price was: LKR 13,470.00.Current price is: LKR 10,500.00.

Hello Baby Diaper Premium Collection

Original price was: LKR 26,820.00.Current price is: LKR 20,000.00.

Hello Baby Diaper Combo Collection

Original price was: LKR 19,890.00.Current price is: LKR 15,000.00.


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