About Us

A Snapshot of our Organization

Incorporated in the Year 2000, with the dawn of the new millennia, Threadworks (Pvt) Ltd, has transformed itself into being the flagship company of the Velona Group which started as a sole trader business in 1945. Threadworks (Pvt) Ltd. has grown exponentially by affiliating itself with many international brands and at present has six boutique outlets in Colombo under the two brand names: ‘Arista’ & ‘Velona’.

Velona has been a household name for decades by creating comfortable and long-lasting clothing for the entire family. From Cloth Nappies and Baby Towels to T-shirts and underwear, Velona is known for its Organic Cotton Clothing.

In 2012, Threadworks (Pvt) Ltd. ventured into the disposable diaper market by developing a high-quality diaper under the brand name “Velona Cuddles” which is now the #1 diaper in the Sri Lankan market. Since the introduction of the Velona Cuddles Classic diaper, a number of hygiene products including training pants for toddlers (Ezy Pants), Swim Pants, Wet Wipes, Adult Diapers, & Disposable Bed Liners have been successfully added to the product portfolio.

Our Vision

Our customer’s needs are the focal point that inspires us to produce the highest quality products. Moreover, our continuous focus on research and development enables us to offer the most cutting-edge technologies in our innovative range of products. This vision is what has enabled our flagship brand, Velona Cuddles to become the most trusted diaper brand in Sri Lanka and secure its place as the market leader in the Sri Lankan Diaper industry.