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Reusable Cloth Diaper – Yellow (Free Size)

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The Velona Resuable Cloth Diaper is a fitted pocket style diaper with adjustable snap buttons that enable the same diaper to fit perfectly from newborn to toddler. It has a soft suede cloth inner lining, tummy panel for stomach sleepers and double gussets to help with leaks & accidents.

These diapers have a waterproof exterior and inside pockets where you place absorbent inserts. The main benefit of the Velona pocket diaper is the ability to adjust the insert for different absorbency levels and position the insert where your little one needs it most.

Velona Cloth Diaper FeaturesVelona Cloth Diaper SizingHow many cloth diapers do you need?

Newborn babies go through approximately 8 to 10 diapers a day. How often you plan on doing laundry influences the amount of cloth diapers you’ll need. Most families opt to have around 24 cloth diapers on hand, but you could get as few as 14 if you’re able to wash them every day.


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The Velona Reusable Cloth Diaper consists of two parts: a diaper that includes both an inner wicking layer and a waterproof outer layer with a pocket opening between them; and an absorbent microfiber insert. To use a pocket, you can stuff the insert into the pocket, snap it in place with the convenient snap button located inside, and then put the diaper on your baby.

Velona Cloth Diaper Features

Wash the Velona Reusable Cloth Diapers in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Remove Cloth Diaper & Empty Contents

Remove the dirty diaper and empty contents into the toilet. Alternatively, you can also spray down the cloth diaper with hand shower before tossing it in with the other used diapers. If using a nappy liner, you will just need to throw out the nappy liner with the contents.

Step 2: Wash a Load of Cloth Diapers

First, toss all the dirty diapers into the washing machine and add detergent. Run the cycle on warm or hot, and if your machine has the option to select extra rinse, you can do that too. Easy peasy!

Note: Don’t use fabric softener or laundry additives. They can cause buildup on diapers.

Step 3: Hang Dry 

We recommend line drying for these diapers. The Velona Cloth Diapers dry quicker than the all in one type diapers as each part can be taken out and dried separately.

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