The Velona Cuddles Diapers are suitable for a baby from day 1 because all our diapers are made with high quality materials which are free of harsh chemicals. This means that they are suitable for the most delicate newborn skin.

No. Our hypoallergenic wet wipes do not contain any alcohol or preservatives, making it suitable even for the most sensitive baby skin.

No, they are not. The pulp used in Velona cuddles diapers come from well-managed sustainable forests, and have certification from the Forest Stewardship Council USA (FSC certified). This certification sets out specific standards and criteria for replanting trees, protecting biodiversity, water, air and soil, and for obtaining broad stakeholder input into the forest management plan.


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We did undertake prepaid deliveries during the curfew imposed due to the covid-19 pandemic. However the islandwide delivery facility was suspended temporarily due unavailability of our regular couriers during this time. We will be recommencing deliveries (to selected areas) through the website from 3rd May 2020. Any customers who subscribed on our subscription App prior to the imposition of the curfew (in colombo and suburbs) continued to receive their diaper bundles according to their subscription schedule. New diaper subscriptions will be accepted on our Subscription App (on Android and IOS) from 11th May 2020.

Some areas have experienced delays & disruptions of upto one week.

Reasons for delays:
– Limited staff permitted on office premises result in longer processing times
– Larger volume of online orders due to the current situation
– An area which was accessible when an order is dispatched might have restricted access when courier attempts to approach it, as a   result of public health & police restrictions imposed due to the discovery of Covid-19 patients in that area.