If you’re looking for the safest diaper for your newborn, look no further than Velona Cuddles Baby Diapers. We produce a wide range of high quality baby safe diapers by using premium raw materials that meet international standards

Did you Know that Velona Cuddles Diapers are free of Chlorine & Alcohol ?
It is the only diaper brand in Asia, that is free of chlorine and other harsh chemicals. So, If you pick a Velona Cuddles Diaper you can be sure that your precious little ones are wrapped in 100% baby safe components

The Velona Cuddles Baby Range Includes
Classic Diaper |Looney Tunes Diaper |Organic Bamboo Diaper
Ezy Pants – Training Pant |Lital Swimmers – Baby Swim Pant
Hypoallergenic Wet Wipes | Proteck Disposable Bed Liner

International Certifications
Our adherence to the highest health and safety standards have enabled us to receive certifications from the worlds premier authorities on global regulatory standards such the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of USA, British Retail Conso rtium (BRC), SGS, CE and ISO.

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